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Please send your Resume/CV, list of publications, and letter of intention to the chairperson of the academic department or unit you wish to join.

If the department board shows interests in your application, the head of department will ask for additional documents from you.

         These are:

Your application along with above listed documents will be sent to the Faculty Board of Directors (Fakülte Yönetim Kurulu). After it is approved by the Board, the documents will be sent to Directorate of Personal Affairs. Directorate of Personal Affairs will forward your application and documents to the related Foreign National Inspection and Evaluation Commission. The Commission will prepare below-mentioned documents and if it endorses your application, then will send them to Higher Education Council of Turkey for further approval:


If the Higher Education Council approves your application, Ege University will send you an invitation in which these approvals will also be enclosed. Upon receiving the invitation letter, you may contact the nearest Turkish diplomatic mission to apply for visa.

When you arrive in Turkey, please visit the Academic Appointment Office at the Directorate of Personnel Affairs in the Rectorate Building.The office personnel will direct and assist you regarding further processes such as obtaining your residence permit, social security number, bank account number, etc.

If you do not have a basic knowledge of Turkish, we advise you to request assistance from your department for your first visit to Directorate of Personnel Affairs.

We are looking forward to hosting you in Ege University.





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